San Diego and Mexico!

Hey, today was so much fun!

In the morning I took a walk around the neighbourhood which is Mission Hill. So many pretty little houses, some bigger ones, and nice gardens!

At noon David and I were picked up by his friend Ana who drove us down to Puerto Nuevo in Mexico where we had wonderful lobster for lunch. (It's very cheap there!)

 The Century Hotel, very Oriental inspired...

 Loads of Lobster

Then we went to her weekend house that she has in Baja Malibu. And wow, what a beautiful house! And so nicely decorated! We had our siesta and also went down to the beach - but it was rather cool there.

And in the evening we went to a little Greek restaurant called Dimitris in Tijuana where Ana and I performed and got to meet some of the local dancers.

It’s funny because I hadn’t really made any plans about what I was going to do in San Diego and now it turns out that I get to dance a lot and hang out with cool people!