San Diego - Excitement from morning to evening!

So it was a good idea after all to send the two costumes over! 
Because Saturday brought another dance party (also organized by Ana - she likes to party!) in San Diego in a Lebanese restaurant.
There were several local dancers including DaVid plus me as the final bouquet ;-)
This time we even had a real dancefloor and enough space to move.

  Glowing in the dark...

And because once you start, you never can stop, I got up very early next day to be picked up at 7:30 AM by Ana again.

There was kind of a street party and parade going on that evening and to advertise it, they talked about it in the early morning shows on TV.

And this was not pre-recorded, no no! All live.

So the presenter talked briefly with the event’s organizer and then presented two of the attractions: a big mariachi band and the wonderful bellydancers.

And because they only had 4 minutes for this, they decided that it would be best if we simply danced to the mariachi music!
It was kind of strange but fun.
This was then broadcasted live on TV. So hey, I can add an appearance on Fox 6 to my CV :-)


Then we were all very hungry and went to have breakfast.
When I got home, David and Patty were still in bed…

By the way, I was really glad to have two costumes that covered my upper arms. I don't even remember how it happened, but I had two huge bruises on my upper arms from surfing!

The rest of the day was spent very laid back. First we went to the cinema to see “Superbad” and then we watched two DVDs of “Goodness Gracious Me”. That show is hilarious!

Well, and Monday afternoon I had to take the train back to LA for my flight back home.

 The lovely landscapes you can see from the train...

 Arriving at Los Angeles

Do I have to mention that I nearly missed my flight because they made me stand in so many lines?!?!?

But when we arrived in Zurich, I was out of the airport with my luggage in my hand 15 minutes afterwards!!!
THAT’s what I call an efficient, well organized airport!
Learn something, LAX!