Willow does Switzerland

It's great to travel to Honolulu and visit my dear friend Willow - but it's also great when she comes to visit! Even though November might be a bit cold for her… Here's a little overview of our activities, starting with a walk through Zürich's old town:

And we even climbed up the stairs of the Grossmünster tower - although once up there, my fear of nights kicked in… Well, now that I have done it I never need to go up there again!
 A little Hawai'ian flavor
 No visit to Zürich is complete without a pilgrimage to the Freitag tower, the temple of bags!

I had to collect some stuff from a friend who lives close to Schaffhausen - an excellent excuse for a little trip to some famous sights.
Starting with the Munot - a fort on the hill over Schaffhausen

From there we moved over to the Rheinfall

Back in Zurich: Zoo time! With Olivier and Athanasios

Warming up in the Masoala hall 

 Who wants to see penguins inside...
 …when it's cold enough for the penguin parade! 

A man and his dreadlocks

And then we danced the nights away with tango and Bollywood dance

 Performance by Aziza

Willow also taught workshops and private lessons
And we picked the best day in the year to eat at the Zeughauskeller: 11/11 - first day of carnival!