Dance, dance, dance... And work some more

Our annual big studio show is coming up in 1,5 weeks.
And I have LOADS of practicing to do.

Fortunately 3 of the 4 choreos are finished by now and only need to be polished a bit.
That's a Bharata Natyam item, a Tango-Oriental fusion number and a Bollywood disco song with students in the chorus line
But then, my dance partner decided that we had to do a trio Bollywood numbe as well. That was about 2 or 3 weeks ago. And we had to do it from the scratch (well, mostly she had to, since she wanted it, har har).
Fortunately Aysa and I are in the chorus line and get to watch her solos for some time into the dance. But still...
It's a lot to do!

I am trying to keep my sanity by conciously taking some free time to read or take a long walk. So I am quite relaxed given the circumstances.

And already things look hectic for the time around Christmas / New Year at the office. We're a call center that takes emergency calls for many companies. So when they close their offices, that's when we get busy.
And every year during the holidays is when everybody here has to WORK.

Fortunately my dear boyfriend already asked me to join him for a week of surfing on the Canary Islands in January. I will need that vacation!