Tenerife - Time flies....

Oooops, I'm already back home! 

But at least our last two days were perfectly sunny and warm.
I spent all Friday by the pool, reading nearly an entire book. Because hey, that's what vacations are for after all!

On Saturday I joined my boyfriend for some surfing. But it's hard work at that beach, not only the waves, but there's a current that you have to fight if you don't want to land in the rocks. And since I am not used to paddeling anymore, this was not for me.

The picture shows me during a typical activity - eating!

We had big dinner every night. It's relatively cheap and most of the time really good. And after long days of walking, surfing or whatever, we always were HUNGRY!

And well, today we came back home.
Now I went through my mailbox, downloaded pictures and have to type down some choreography notes that I made by the pool (that's right, I even worked!).

And tomorrow it's back to "normal" life!

Buenas noches...