Bah, February...

Let me think, when was the last time I felt uninspired, lethargic and basically like a stranded whale.... 

Hah, this blog answers the question! Last February!
Seems like I am taking up the habit of feeling bad during February. That's what you get from sitting inside all the time, I guess. And not even the vacation in January helped.

So I guess I just have to sit through it. If only there weren's some festivals coming up which means several new choreos to make and old ones to practice.
Today I decided that the zill choreo I planned for mid-March is rubbish and I had to start all over again. But well... did I mention uninspired?

The only small success was that I finished a Bollywood choreo today that I have to teach next Saturday. Fortunately it's only a 2 hours workshop!

OK, and I have generally loads of private classes and workshops to teach this week, that's something.
If only I had the time to go for walks while the sun shines outside (which it does) but they want me in the office.

Maybe I just need to buy some shoes...

I think I'll go and have some chocolate right now!