Bonjour la France!

Oui, I have just spent another weekend speaking nothing but Français. 
I taught some workshops in a tiny village south of Lyon. 

I got on my flight on Saturday morning, VERY early. It was still dark.
Have I ever complained here that I always sit over the wing and therefore can never really look down during flights?
If not, it's time I do: "I always get a seat over the wings!"

So I get on board and after my surprise that I and two other women are the only passengers!!! (in a small plane with about 50 seats) I go to my seat. Look outside and check for the wing. No wing. Hm. It's still dark.... Then I realize that I am sitting UNDER the wing!
Yeah baby, a real propeller airplane!

But hey, the flight was quite calm and under 1 hour. I like that :-)

Besides my workshops there was also kind of a dinner show in the evening. Great Lebanese food of whhich I only got some because I danced two full 15 min. sets. Inbetween there were some students, my sponsor and her daughter who did shorter dancers.
There were quite a lot of Lebanese people there, so I was glad that I had brought my heels.

I flew back this morning (Monday) and hey, the plane was half full. Zurich-Lyon must not be the bestselling connection....
But still, I'm glad that I can fly it. Drove there once and it's a looooong drive!

Oh, and the flight over the alps was spectacular! So it was really worth it looking out of the window.