Dancing in the Dunes

Hey, I had my first restaurant gig in AGES yesterday!
Usually they pay only half of what I used to earn 10 years ago, so I don't bother.
But this is a new Oriental lounge (yeah, EVERYTHING is a lounge today!) called "Dunes Lounge" and the owner wants a quality dancer. Funny, he found me on the Internet, so restaurant, pardon, lounge owners are now looking for dancers there too.

When I went there last Friday for a short interview I was just down with a bad cold. In fact, I spent the whole time from Friday to Wednesday walking like a drunk, coughing, sneezing... and sleeping a lot.
Last night was really the first where I was well again.
And putting on my costume I noticed that I had lost some weight due to being sick. Well, thanks for that. :-)

Anyway, it was great, I was in a good mood and smiled my head off, and they loved it.
Who cares that my costume smells of shisha smoke now!

So now let's hope this will be something regular!