Costumes, costumes, costumes...

For the last few years I have bought very few dance costumes. I just didn't feel the need since I don't have a regular restaurant gig anymore where people see me more than once.
If you look at my last photo shoot:

Gallery MEISSOUN 2007

The white one is the only recent costume from 2007.
The green one is from 2004
I bought the red one in Cairo in 2002 and got the new skirt and top in 2007.
The burgundy/green/white one is from 1999!!!

So I have gone 3 years (2004 - 2007) without a single new costume.
Whenever I went to a bazar or costume shop, even in Istanbul, I just went: "Yeah, nice..." but nothing wanted to be bought by me.

BUT! After buying that new purple costume at Oriswiss (see last blog entry) I decided to clean out my costume closet. I have a total of 15 costumes of which 3 are selfmade ones that I don't wear anymore and want to get rid of.
Leaves 12 costumes.
And I just feel I NEEEEED another one!

One in a color that I don't have yet - but that looks good on me (so no orange!) Or even better, one in many colors!
And it can't be to heavy because I want to take it in my hand luggage when I fly to festivals.

After doing a lot of online research, I found one that really inspires me:
Legend Costumes

I want it a bit differently, but hey, I don't have any animal print yet and I really love the multicolor beading and fringe.
Must have!
I wasted some more hours with photoshop to create the perfect costume, so now, let's go.....
A friend of mine is going to Istanbul in May, so she can pick it up!