OriSwiss festival

I spent last weekend at the OriSwiss festival. Two long days, so let me share the highlights:

My birthday present to myself: I bought a new costume! :-)))
I even just had to move some straps so I was able to wear it in the Sunday afternoon program.

(this picture is from another show, but I am sure you want to see the costume...)

Of course I also taught a workshop and performed in the gala show in Saturday evening for which I had prepared a double veil dance followed by a number with finger cymbals.
Now let me tell you that cymbals don't come easy to anybody, they need a lot of practice, and I really fought with that choreo.
And then I forgot to bring the CD... 

Plan B: I had one other CD with me that had a collection of dance pieces on it. Chose the shortest one (6 minutes) and... improvised a veil and cymbal dance. Because hey, what better occasion to do your first public Oriental dance with cymbals than a big gala show? ;-)
But it went surprisingly well and now I am really motivated to work on this a bit more.

Here's the video:

And of course I met a lot of people, old and new ones, as usual. And was very tired on Sunday evening.

But hey, the next festival is coming in 2 weeks! Looking forward to this one (LaLa festival in Munich).