Getting fit

Since Easter I have started to do some kind of "moving" for at least 1 hour every day.

I started out with daily dance training, including practicing my zills.

Now that the weather is finally good again, I go for a round of Nordic walking about every second day. It's wonderful to see how nature all around practically explodes with green and flowers!

And I have started to work my way through about every single workout video they have in the library - to see which one would be best for me.
So far I have found out that Pilates is quite effective but well, you do a lot of sitting and lying down and I'd rather hop around.

It's really amazing how many different workouts there are from good old aerobics to cardioboxing, step and some new inventions like Dantao (which I quite like).

Once you have gotten over the awkwardness of hopping around your livingroom after an instructor on a video, it's quite good. And yes, I can see how I have neglected my abdominal muscles besides what I need them for dancing...
Watch out for my sixpack! LOL