Smoke on the water.... a fire in the sky!

Last Friday, August 1st was our Swiss national holiday.

So I packed up Willow (my friend from Honolulu) and drove her to Montreux where we were greeted by this good omen:

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know about the villa on an island there where we usually stay.

In the evening I did something I had wanted to do for ages:
When the fireworks started (and the fired them off a boat in the lake) I connected my iPod to the loudspeakers and played "Smoke on the water" by Deep Purple.
Read the lyrics and you will know why :-)

It was a great combination to hear the music and watch the fireworks and smoke at the same time!

On Saturday we took it easy. Just hanging around the terrace - and catching up on sleep.

I also forced Willow to swim in the lake and she found it just as cold as Lake Zurich while the rest of us  thought it was just right :-) Everything is relative...

In the evening we walked to the Palais Oriental, a very nice Oriental restaurant in Montreux.

Montreux by night

On Sunday I took Willow to the Château de Chillon - a little culture is always good!

Oh, I should mention that walking along the lake, you feel like stepping into the Middle East. There were soooo many Arab tourists! The women were wearing their idea of Summer fashion - covered but colorful. It didn't always work well.... Anyway, after 10 minutes one felt naked without a head scarf :-)

We finished the day by driving home and going to a milonga in Zurich.

Maybe I just wanted to escape the mess in my apartment... My boyfriend is moving out of his old place but can't go into the new one right now. So he put most of his things in my garage (I have to park the car outside...) and all his clothes and more stuff into my bed- and livingroom. 

It feels a bit crowded...