Through with the medieval festival - but not with the theater play!

OK, I did NOT take any more pictures, forgot the camera on Saturday and was too busy on Sunday.
The festival was an absolute success!
We were so worried about what would happen if it the weather was bad...
Well, it rained a bit on and off on Saturday, but as soon as the rain stopped for half an hour, there were masses of people!

I sold drinks and food on Friday and Saturday and greeted people at one of the entrances on Sunday (and sold cups and programs).

By Monday, I had a very “sexy” voice from all the shouting around.

On Sunday evening all I was able to do was going to the cinema, I was sooooo tired.
Now we still play the medieval theater every evening for two weeks (after all, we had been rehearsing since March!).

Then I will be a free woman again :-)

The red cap used to be the sign of the whore in medieval Zurich!