Dancing at Züspa

The Züspa is Zurich’s big consumer goods fair in September. This year they decided to have a show stage. It’s mainly for dance and some sport demonstrations.
Yesterday we had 3 show blocks of 30 minutes!
Two of my dancer friends and a student group.

OK, there is NOT a big audience on a Monday night.... But it was fun anyway.
We’re going back today and on Saturday for one more show each day.

One thing I have to say is that I’ve never danced with such a cool light show! It made a real difference.

And today, since we perform at 17:00 and the fair is open until 21:00, we will have time to look around the fair and maybe buy some stuff. It’s always amazing too see all the things that are on the market. 

Although some things are really “Things that the world doesn’t need”....