Marrakech - Sightseeing

Went to bed late and got up late... to a wonderful morning on the terrace of my riad!

On my way into town

I arrived at the museums just after they closed for lunch today.
But hey, I got all my essential shopping done :-)

Dozens of silk tassels in various colors... You can always put a tassle SOMEWHERE!

And look at this awesome store - here's where I found the perfect new mirror for my bathroom.

I took a little break back in the riad - which is hidden in a little streets around many corners...

It's worth the walk when you can end up here:

I also met up with a part time dancer and costume designer. She told me the not so nice behind-the-scene truth about the local bellydance scene. Basically all the dancers are prostitutes, and usually not by choice - if you don’t like to sleep with restaurant owners or guests you are out of business very quickly... That's why she only does very little dance work nowadays - she wasn't willing to play along with this!

And I took a bus sightseeing tour in the golden evening light.

It gets dark at about 6 PM, and also a bit cold. But it’s OK with a coat. And the sun shines all day long!

The night light in my riad

Out for an evening walk and dinner

Marrakech seems much more relaxed than other places in the Middle East or India I have been to. Less traffic too. Yes, donkeys are still very popular as working animals!

The only plague are small motorbikes, especially in the narrow streets of the Medina.