Marrakech - tiles and gardens

On my third day I visited some museums / palaces. I won't write much and leave the talking to the many, many pictures that I took. There is just so much beauty here.

Bonjour, Marrakech! 
From the rooftop of my hotel

Going out...
This street is only empty because it's early in the day!
Palace number one

I like tiles. Deal with it :-)

So many different floor designs!
Central courtyard

Me in the mirror

Looking up is also worth it.
Somehow it's a pity that these rooms are empty - you don't really get the feeling for what it was like to live in here.

Another very elaborate ceiling

And I just couldn't stop taking pictures....

Out in the streets again

In a small museum (unfortunately I don't remember what it was called)

Heavy jewellery!

Palace number two

A common sight around here!
Time to hit the souk and buy ceramics

My lunch place with a view down at the street

In the evening I got on a bus to Taghazout which took about 4 hours. 
This will be the second part of this trip: Surf camp!