Morocco - Surf camp

Just spent 4 days of surfing in Taghazout and I would like to start this blog entry with one of my favourite pictures I took on this trip: Surfer girls in the sunset.

The surfcamp itself is really a camp - I’m sharing my room with 3 other people. Bunk beds.
The three others are super-dedicated, advanced surfers, they get up at 6 AM every day to catch the first waves. And go to bed at 22 PM. But since there is NO night-life here, it doesn't matter much.

Actually the village is so small, it takes exactly 6 minutes to walk from one end to the other...
But the surfing is good, although it winds a lot.

A day in the life of a surf camper: 6 AM - be woken up by fellow room mates and hope they get out soon so you can sleep some more!

Some time later: nibble on some food you have in your room and then go out for a little morning walk in the area.

This includes walking up and down these stairs!

Early birds on the beach

Breakfast table is ready!

Drive to a beach and unload boards. Hit the waves!

Lunch break - the air is chilly and it's windy as hell

One afternoon we followed this by a visit to the local market. 

Driving back to Taghazout

Sitting on the terrace, looking out...

Dinner time!

A pack of wolves is nothing compared to a bunch of hungry surfers!

2 days ago I also spent the afternoon in Agadir because too much of a small village makes me restless!

It's a typical tourist place that doesn't have much of a Moroccan feeling - you might just as well be on the Canary islands (well, they are in the same region).
If there are no people in my pictures, that's because November isn't exactly the season for Agadir...


The new marina is quite nice.

Tomorrow is my last day.... No more surfing is scheduled but maybe I can catch some of the waves on the beach right in front of the camp.