Stockholm - work and fun

Last week I went to Stockholm for 4 days. The main reason was to teach workshops, but of course it was also a good opportunity to hang out with my friend Emma.
The first two days it was rainy, windy and cold. Perfect for shopping :-)

And we went to the Hallwylska Museum (yes, like the Swiss count von Hallwyl) which was very interesting but photographing was forbidden.
And we saw this picture which was a mosaic made completely out of apples!

On Saturday and Sunday the sun was out, but we spent the afternoons in the dance studios and when we got out, of course it was already really dark again.

Shopping with Emma inevitably leads you to many make-up counters. And I discovered the Swedish brand “Make Up Store” which has great holographic nail polish! And glitter eyeliner... I have it in 3 colors now!

Another highlight was Saturday night at the Carte Blanche, a Lebanese restaurant/nightclub with live music.

We had our table filled with mezze... and then the grill plate... and then the fruit plate...
Contrary to our plans to dance a bit, we were so full of all that food that we were mostly sitting around :-)

But it’s always great to see the customers there - you feel like you’re in Beirut. There just isn’t such a thing as “overdressed” in Lebanon! The women are wearing their highest heels and biggest hair - and shortest skirts...

The picture shows Sabina, Emma and Ann (my workshop sponsor), three great women who did everything to make me feel good in Stockholm.

Oh, and the workshops went well. I had a lot of really happy students, and that makes me happy! Hope to come back for more...