My December dance gigs

I know, I am a little late, but I wanted to share this anyway.
December is a good time for dancers. Company Christmas dinners! Which means gigs in nice venues with good pay :-)

In mid-December I had 4 gigs nearly in a row, and all of them were quite differend. And since I have often said that “with this job you always have a story to tell”, let me tell you about the fascinating, glamurous (as if...) life of a dancer-for-hire:

Drove 20 min. through the snow to an English teacher’s home who had a party with her adult students.
So it was basically dancing in a living room for an audience of 7 people.
I had done a Bollywood number there 2 years ago, so this time she wanted me to do Oriental and then get the people (all women except one man) up to dance.
It was a fun "come-dance-leave" gig.

Now this one was very special.
I had received an e-mail in French saying: “We’d like to hire a dancer (preferably Ms. Raks Sharki)” *LOL*
The party would be in Lausanne. That’s over 2 hours from Zurich.
So I told them to get a local dancer as it would be too expensive to cover my travel time and expenses. But the lady insisted, she apparently liked my clips on YouTube (ha, who says that YouTube isn’t useful!)
I have mentioned the snow, right?

So I decided to go by train, since the venue was only 5 min. by foot from the station in Lausanne anyway, in this building:

A quite posh affair! 
The Grand Café where the party was held has an upper floor with a bar. This was my changing room.
I did my 15 minutes, everybody was happy and I went back to the station for another 2 hours 15 minutes train ride... 

I finally got to read a big part of Tamallyn Dalal’s book!

Streets were better, so I drove to that gig. It’s an Asian furniture store + lounge.
I had performed there before and really like the place. My format there is: 10 min. of Bollywood dance - change - do about 20 min. of dance animation with the guests, showing them easy Bollywood dance steps. This is always great fun.

Well. Nearly always.

For starters, there were too many people in the place, about 120. With the layout of the place there’s no chance that all of them would see me at the same time. I had to run around a lot. It was like “Oh look, there’s that dancer again we saw 3 minutes ago.... and now she’s gone again...”
And then somebody had the SPLENDID idea of playing bingo on a corporate Christmas party.
For an entire HOUR!!! It felt like an eternity....

The lounge’s boss got annoyed, the cook and his crew stood around in the kitchen worrying about the dessert getting old, the DJ was bored and the “I show you how to wrap a sari”-lady even more.
When they were finally done they had to attack the dessert buffet first...

It was about 11:30 PM when I went on again for what was supposed to be the audience animation part of my gig.
Everybody was tired and hanging around in their seats. I managed to motivate about 5 people (of 120!) to get up an dance and stopped after 10 minutes...

One week later
Same place, same program. I had invested in a nice new costume, the hight of Indian fashion :-) This alone made me feel good.

There were only 40 people, everybody got to see me dance, they clapped through about 8 of my 10 minutes of dancing!

And nealy everbody got up to dance afterwards. Since they were employees at an IT company I made up dance movements out of typical office movements (typing, pulling a cable, moving a mouse etc.) and they danced along with a lot of enthusiasm.

It was so much fun to watch them dance the short combinations together, it made me really happy!
So after all the performance season ended on a really good note.

Looking forward to whatever the new year will bring...