This year's travel plans

Since this is mostly my travel blog, here’s what you can look forward to:

2 weeks in Chennai, India in February!
Will be there with my Bharata Natyam teachers and some other students to study intensively.

4 days in the UK in April for the Jewel of Yorkshire Festival!
To teach and perform in Saltaire. Never been to that corner of the UK (OK, I didn’t get out of London much...), will be interesting to see!

2,5 weeks in New York and Hawai’i in May/June
Since this time I tried to avoid LAX on my way to Honolulu I am going via New York. And I decided to take the chance to check out NY - I’ve never been there before!

1 week on a river cruise in Austria/Hungary in August
My parents are inviting me to this trip - something very different. Promises to be relaxing!

Until then I am watching other people explore deep space... My boyfriend gave me his 27 DVD collector’s box with the entire 4 seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise.
I admit, I am totally hooked! And I can’t handle that kind of stuff reasonably, like one episode every night... On Saturday I started watching two DVDs, that equals EIGHT episodes.... I am at DVD No. 5 now, trying to slow down...