Chennai - 1 day in India and already bought 4 pairs of shoes :-)

Yesterday I first took the plane to Frankfurt and from then to India. Gotta love Lufthansa... they were very nice and upgraded me to business class, just so! And this was actually the second time I have flown to Chennai in business class. I could get used to this!

Great recliner seats, nice food and you can even recharge your technical equipment.
Which is especially cool because I had loaded Star Trek “Enterprise” on my iPod and my boyfriend lent me his visor or whatever it’s called. It’s a gadget you wear like glasses (yes, it makes you look like Geordi La Forge from “Next Generation”) to watch films.
I watched 6,5 episodes of season 2.... A Trekkie’s heaven!

I am staying in a private home with 4 other dance students. We have a whole floor to ourselves and there’s a nice family below who rents out the space and takes good care of us.

There’s also a cook and a housemaid. They make the food not too spicy, it’s really good.

I am sleeping in a big Indian bed that I share with one of the other girls - under a big mosquito net of course.

Today, four of us went shopping at the Spencer Shopping Plaza. I already have 4 pairs of new glittery shoes!