Chennai - Dance, sing, clap!

The house we are staying at belongs to the family of Shashank, India’s most famous flute player.
His sister is an expert flute player as well. And she likes to practice at night. ALL night!
Plus she has students in the USA who she coaches via Internet.
Typically between 4 and 6 in the morning...
You can imagine that earplugs come in handy for spleeping!!!

Today she taught us a class in Indian singing.

Then Sujata came over for 2 hours of Bharata Natyam. This was followed by a rhythms class with a musician.

That’s basically going to be our daily program for the next two weeks. As I am the most advanced student in the group I will also take some extra lessons.

In the afternoon we went shopping! Also an important part of this trip of course.

We like red!

Never ask me to bring you "a sari" - there are just too many to choose from!
This is where we came to pick the material for our new dance costumes that will be stitched by Shanti Tailors.

 Also don't ask for "a scarf" unless you know EXACTLY what you want!

Afterwards we went to see an impressing dance recital by one of Sujata’s master students.

Quite a full day! Now it’s time for homework...