Chennai - the beach, the temples, the beach-temples

We went on an excursion on Wednesday during which we took more photos than the entire week before! A lot of posing was done :-)

Ready for take-off!
Our host owns a little "castle" by the sea - obviously a hobby that still needs a lot of work... 

 It's really out of town! 

There are millions of temples in India. It's basically impossible to go on a tour and not visit one.
This one also was the exercise part of the day. Indians love to build their temples on mountains.

 We have to earn it!

 There was also a group of tourists from Maharashtra
 A different way of draping a sari

Always support the local economy! 

Our last stop was Mahabalipuram with its famous ancient temples. Yes, more temples!
They are very varied and of course a great background for more posing!

We also finished our dancing / rhythm / singing lessons quite successfully.

I continued my habit of going to the beauty parlours to get my hair washed (and a massage and a pedicure etc.). It’s so much cheaper than at home, so I really profited from that.

Today we went back to a big shopping mall for our last things that remained on the list.
For me these were mostly loads of bangles, bindis and glittery Rajasthani shoes. (they don’t last to long so I need to replace them every now and then).

These are all the shoes I bought on this trip:

And for our last night we went out to have a good-bye drink together!