Gone skiing!

Last December I went skiing with a friend and decided that it was time to replace my skiboots. They must have been with me ever since I grew into this shoe size, about 20 years or so?

So I went to a shop, bought the first pair that got into my way (because there are dozens of models and trying them all on would have cost me all morning!).
Then I went home, got my (about 15 year old...) skis and went to a sports shop to have them adjusted. The guy there only saw my skis from far and already said “I am not going to do anything on these anymore! Let me show you the skis on sale...”
This is how I spent a fortune on ski equipment in just one hour.

Of course I couldn’t just let them stand around in the garage, so this week I finally got the time and right weather to drive nearly 3 hours up to St. Moritz where one of my aunts lives (how convenient!).

The snow was perfect, the weather changed from cloudy to wonderful back to cloudy. But the new skis were really good (first time I ever went on those new carving skis!) and I went up and down the mountains for hours.
There’s a reason why St. Moritz is so popular despite the high prices! There are so many lifts and you can spend all day going back and forth between several mountains.

The beauty of the mountains!

In one of the restaurants up there they played THIS song. It was a weird experience...

This is where I learned to ski as a kid:

That was when we used to spend our ski vacations in this humble little house - during that time my aunt's family lived in here because she worked for the Shah of Persia who owned it. For real!

Remember these?

My late uncle's name is still on this old advertisement board!

Wave your flag, San Maurezzan!

I also went for dinner with my aunt, cousin and his wife as well as a distant niece who happened to be there on vacation as well.