India - Wrapping up

It's always interesting to look back after a trip and think about what you experienced and learned. And make lists :-)

So here is a short list of what I was glad to have brought with me to Chennai because it was really useful:
  • earplugs and sleeping mask! Couldn’t have slept without them!
  • most of my Indian clothes and shoes. I wore nothing Western for 2 weeks!
  • my cameras, especially the film camera to tape all my new dances
  • sun screen
What I brought and didn’t use:
  • make-up (except for a bit of lipstick from time to time)
  • most saris. I have switched to Salwar Kameez (tunic and pants) because they’re more comfortable and practical.
  • loads of cash - you can pay with your credit card in most shops, so I did.
  • shampoo - I hate washing my hair with cold water and it's cheap to get your hair done at the salon here anyway.
What I will miss:
  • having a cook and other servants. But especially the good cook!
  • the warmth (it’s really cold at home)
  • the friendly people I have met
What I won’t miss:
  • taking cold showers every day because the hot water doesn't work....
  • the noise and air pollution
What I’m looking forward to:
  • meeting my boyfriend at the airport
  • going out to eat a schnitzel with fries (we had vegetarian food for 2 weeks. It was good, but... a schnitzel is good as well!)
  • my own bed
  • my bathroom, especially the warm shower!!!
  • unpacking all my new treasures :-)