This Easter I am simply staying at home and enjoying the wonderful weather (especially since I remember that we had SNOW last Easter!). 

My boyfriend is off to Montreux with the entire family but I will just go and visit my parents tomorrow. Other than that, it’s home sweet home for me. After all, why do I buy all these flowers for my balcony! So I can sit there for hours and watch them :-)

OK, I also went for a dance practice session with my Bharata Natyam teacher and plan on finally working a bit with some dance instruction videos I have had for AGES but never really done all the way.

If you have a job that makes you talk a lot and often be with many people, it’s nice to just stay by yourself and shut up from time to time! :-)

In the picture: I bought this bowl in India, I really like the idea of having flowers floating on water. This is the “April in Zurich” arrangement...