Jewel of Yorkshire festival

The Jewel of Yorkshire bellydance festival is truly a jewel!
Thanks to its location in a world heritage site it’s very pretty. And the limitation of space is in fact a plus. A festival doesn’t have to be big to be good.

The main hall with some vendors and the stage on which we performed in the evening.

JoY’s emphasis is on workshops, there were a total of 48 workshops (!!!) of which I taught 4: Lebanese style, Bollywood Party Dance, Bhangra and the Anatomy of Step Combinations. 
In the latter a student who apparently had a total epiphany told me my favourite comment of this weekend “Where were you 5 years ago???” 

I also performed two numbers in the evening show and luckily got to see a lot of the very varied program. There was truly something for everybody!

It was great to meet many people I had only known from Internet forums, even if there was only little time to talk (except those I had breakfast / dinner with).

On Sunday evening Lulu Sabongi, her husband, Mandy (one of the organizers) and me went out for a great Indian dinner - a nice end for a very enjoyable festival experience!