Manchester in 2 hours

What do you do in a town you know nothing about when you only have 2 hours to spend there?
That was my question last Monday when I left early from Shipley on an impulse and decided that if I was already there I might just as well catch a glimpse of Manchester before flying home. I was totally unprepared, had no guide book or anything.

Now I have to say that Manchester does an excellent job for tourists! There are city maps all over the place and signs that guide you to the various attractions.

After a short while I arrived at the Manchester Wheel. I have this strange fascination with ferris wheels. I am afraid of hights, seriously! 

But I just can’t resist a ride in a gondola of a ferris wheel, so I invested the amount of £6.50 to see a lot of Manchester in little time. I had my usual panic attack during the first minute but then was able to calm down and really enjoy it.

Afterwards I walked some more - unfortunately there was a service going on in the Cathedral, so I couldn’t go inside (at 10:30 on a Monday morning!!!!) and I went on to see an interesting photography exhibition in the Urbis museum.

If I’m ever in the region again, I think I’d actually like to stay a bit longer and see more of Manchester, it seems to be worth it!