Yorkshire - Bricks!

So I finally made it to Manchester (despite my missed flight) where I found it quite thoughtful of the airport people to think especially of me:

I took the train to Leeds - or rather Shipley. Fortunately there was still enough sunlight for me to see the landscape. I found it quite fascinating - I’ve never been to this part of the world (well, I’ve been to London several times, but this is different and it was some years ago).

If you want to know just how exotic it is to me: Looking out of the airplane window while descending I noticed the cars driving on the left hand side and my first thougt was: Just like in India! :-)
After we had landed my reaction was very Swiss: It’s flat!

And then, after some time on the train all I seemed to see were BRICKS! Every single buidling in Manchester - or as far as I can see in Yorkshire - is made out of bricks, even the big new ones!

I originally came here for the dance festival Jewel of Yorkshire - but of course I also used the opportunity to walk around and visit the famous village of Saltaire on the morning after my arrival. Where I saw more bricks...

The big factory

Victoria Hall - the location of the dance festival. Now that's a worthy place!