Honolulu - Floating candles

Thanks to jet lag I woke up early, grabbed my stuff and went to the beach.

You would be surprised at how busy Waikiki is at 8 AM! Probably more people on jet lag...
I went out for an hour of surfing, but the waves were a bit weak.

Then of course I had to start the shopping orgy (which will last all 2 weeks!!!) and got a pedicure before walking home again.

In the evening we went to the annual Lantern Floating event. It’s supposed to be an honouring to our loved ones who have died. 
Well, I mostly went there because Willow was singing in the gospel choir. I sat in the sand at the beach with her mother and many thousands of other people.

They also broadcasted this in Japan, so it was kind of a big show with many performers and a short Buddhist ceremony. Quite impressive!