Honolulu - Sightseeing

It was surfing time again!
Actually, it was clowdy early in the morning, and when I was out in the waves it even started raining. But surfing in the rain is definitely something I am used to by now! Plus it wasn’t as hot as yesterday.

Later on Willow took me to the museum of contemporary arts which has a nice little restaurant for lunch. Didn’t see much of the museum but the food was good. And I got to see a different part of the town since it’s up the hill.

Then we drove down to Ala Moana, surprise... Willow had a meeting in a club she’s supposed to sing at and I killed the time by doing some more shopping... Just making sure I hadn’t left out a shop :-)

After that she had to teach a class and dropped me in downtown Honolulu, an area that I hadn’t really explored yet. Part of it is China Town (every American city needs one....) which is interestingly also where the leis are being produced and sold. Lei = flower garland

Yes, every time I am here I learn some new Hawaiian words. Like “okole”. That’s the part of your body that you are sitting on right now :-)

Anyway, I went up and down the streets, also getting into the financial district with the highrisers (every American city needs them....). 

Always on the lookout for a cozy cafe where I could sit a bit and relax. Forget it. They apparently don’t do that here, even the Starbucks I found didn’t have seats!
And there I was in high heel shoes in the heat, not a good combination!

Well, I took a lot of pictures, also got to see the Royal palace (Honolulu is the only American city that has one!) and an old church.

Now I am tired...