Back to Waikikiiiiii

Today Anasma and I got up at 5 AM in the morning! We were supposed to go surfing with one of Willow’s friends at six but he couldn’t make it and so we walked there by ourselves and hit the waves at 7 AM. And yes, there was already a crowd in the ocean!

The waves were great and we surfed for 2 hours. Anasma had never surfed before, I gave her a quick introduction and she did quite well for her first day.

Then we got some food, sat on the beach and just relaxed for a while.

After that I showed her all my favourite shops :-)

And also one I had never been to with Hawaiian print fabrics. We must have spent an hour there...

Now I will have to go and get ready for my workshop tonight. And I am already looking forward to surfing again tomorrow!