How my bicycling influences the climate

So you live in Switzerland and you are happy about this exceptionnally nice September weather we are having!
Thank me! It’s all my doing. Really….

I live in Zurich, world capital of road construction workers… You really can’t complain about bad roads here. What you CAN complain about is when there’s road construction going on all over town to make the roads all shiny and new (and put some new tubes, cables etc. down into the ground).
Actually, complaining about road construction is what unites all inhabitants of this wonderful city. And this Summer it has been especially bad (oh, did I mention that we say this every Summer?).

Normally I go to work by public transport. Takes about 25 – 30 minutes from door to door. But now they are renovating a big bridge (the street is now only half as wide, slowing down the bus) and a big square close to my office (total confusion for everybody!). Not to mention all the wholes in the ground on the way there…

In August I bought a bicycle, just because I suddenly had this idea that it would be nice to have one again. When I was young (yeah, THIS long ago!) I rode my bicycle to school and to work for 12 years. Then my office moved and it was no longer practical. For a while I even walked to work (over a steep hill, no chance for a bike!).
But bicycles get stolen, and some day I just didn’t replace the last one…

Anyway. A few days after I got my shiny new bike, I went to work by tram. And it took me unbelievable 40 minutes! Including a lot of waiting around for the connecting tram. That was it. I had enough.
That evening I went to buy a helmet (good girl, always ride with a helmet on!) and a lock for my bike. Next morning I went to work by bicycle and arrived in 20 minutes!

This was in August. In the last 1,5 months I have been going to work by bike every day except about 3 times when I took public transport because of light rain and once when I went by car (not a good experience) because I had to.

Notice something? 3 rainy days in 1,5 months! OK, there was more rain, but that was the week when I was away on vacation :-)
Yes, I do believe that my bicycling has a good influence on the weather!
At least for this week it also looks as if it’s going to stay that way. And maybe 2 weeks more.

But then, get out the umbrellas because I am leaving for a week in Istanbul on Octovber 19 ;-)