River cruise - Down do Budapest

After all the gold and pomp of the churches along the Danube, our ship made a longer trip - all the way down the river to Budapest, the furthest point of our cruise.

But first we had to pass through a narrow canal.

Two ships side by side, very close!
Gigantic doors

And we had a first look at Vienna - the modern part

This is the longest we went on this cruise without a stop. We even sailed through the night.
By sunrise we were in Hungary

And in the morning we arrived in Budapest! 
One great thing about a river cruise is that you have a fantastic view on a lot of the most important sights here.

Of course we also went on a guided tour of the city.

Now THAT's an impressive church!

Compare... Then:
And now:

And what do you do on every cruise? Eat, eat, eat...

Budapest by night

That evening we had a folklore show on board.

I even had the opportunity for a morning walk! 
It turned out to be much longer than I expected because I underestimated the distances... 

The Margaret Island in the Danube was not too far away from our ship and a lovely place for a walk.

An old monastery

Hotel on the island
Jogging in the morning...

Later (after a big breakfast) I went on a stroll through town with my mother.

The big market hall

Entrance of the market hall

No day is complete without a little bit of church gold!

Ready to board! 
And off we went to see more of Hungary.