Istanbul - A beauty-full day

It's nice to travel with a friend who understands the importance of beauty and wellness treatments...

To start the day we went to BELLA, Istanbul's most famous costume designer. There we both tried on at least 6 costumes each.
In the end I had narrowed down the choice to two silver/white costumes. One cost 320 €, the other the double... But that would exceed my budget - and honestly I just can't justify such an expensive costume right now. So I chose the cheaper one and decided to buy some big rhinestones at the basar later to give it more sparkle.
Katharina also had her fix of cat caresses :-)

There is a shopping mall right over the street from Bella where we went to eat. We found out that Ibrahim Tatlises is not only one of Turkey's most popular singers and host of the "Ibo Show" on TV but also owns a chain called "Tatlises Kebap"!

Then we fulfilled our shoe shopping duties :-) (4 pairs, if you want to know)

And to make sure that our feet would also look good naked, we went to have them pedicured at a nice beauty parlor called California Nail Bar (owned by an American woman).

Katharina stayed there to get more treatments while I started my hamam testing program at the Galatasaray Hamam. Nice place, even if not the cheapest one.... I like it that they take their time and don't rush you through the program. It's supposed to be relaxing after all!

We had a wonderful dinner on the 5th floor of a building on Istiklal caddesi.

At night I went to a very nice milonga - they even had a panoramic view down on Istanbul.

Funny, at first I sat for a while and somehow thought that I wouldn't dance much tonight...
Everybody was just sitting and chatting... And then I ended up being the first on the dancefloor. My dance partner was a tango pianist - it's always nice to dance with musicians, the really feel the music.

I also happened to dance with a guy who is Turkish but was born in Germany, so we also had a nice little chat afterwards. He called himself a "beginner" since he only has been dancing tango for 3 months - but he must have been dancing a LOT during this time, I never met a man who danced so well after this short time!

And we agreed that dancing tango is like entering a parallel universe... It's a place apart from the normal world...