Istanbul - Between hectic and relaxed

Even we need a break from shopping - so today we took a ferry to Büyükada (princes island). The boat ride itself was already very relaxing. We were just sitting, enjoying the view and watching those many seagulls that followed us.

Birds in motion:

Guess who found a lot of cats on the island? It's the Kat-woman!

The recommended thing to do here is a round trip in a horse carriage. It wasn't spectacular but quite nice.

Stop on the top


Wild horses

We had lunch in one of the many fish restaurants down by the water.

Don't worry, Katharina didn't eat the cat :-)

Just after we got off the ferry (relaxed) we went back to shopping, checking off some of the last things on our lists.
So we first went to the fashion jewellery and glitterstone shops behind the Egyptian basar.

I even found the most tasteless golden soap dispenser in the world, just perfect for my bath!

Then we had to run up to the Grand Basar to pick up our orders from Gülseren before they closed the shops.

By now all the relaxation had faded away... But we went to visit one of Katharina's friends at his cozy hotel and had dinner there to cool down a little.

I was a bit worried about all those candles around the opulent decor!

Then it was time to get ready for the milonga at TangoJean where we were already expected by all our fans :-) Kathrina danced so much she got blisters on her toes! By now I think we can say that she's an official tango addict...

Özdener plays some tunes

Of course I also had my share of good dancers.
And I tried to explain to a beginner dancer that he should slow down and dance more to the music instead of cramming all the moves he knows into one song which results into a rather gymnastic experience. But he didn't really get it... Maybe in a year...