Istanbul - By the water and by the glitter

Today we walked a lot... starting out by Dolmabahçe we wanted to stroll along the Bosphorus. But we had to find out that there are so many palaces and other big houses built right by the shore that there is practically no way to walk close to the water. Instead we walked along the noisy street behind these buildings until we had enough of the traffic and caught a bus out to Bebek.

Bebek is an area a bit outside and it's quite pretty - a place where rich people have their weekend houses and maybe a little yacht in the harbour...

Istanbul wouldn't be the same without its fishermen!

We ate a little snack there and then started to walked back, enjoying the view on the Bosphorus and admiring the pretty traditional houses.

And who invented it?

There was also a park with an outdoor gym!

After about a total of 2 hours of walking in the sun we were getting tired. So we took a taxi and went to another part of the city called Nisantasi. It's a great shopping area, in case this should interest you :-) But most of all we went to have a kebap at Hacibey - it's really expensive but tastes absolutely delicious!

Then it was time to collect our costumes. Katharina got hers from SIM very quickly.

I then went to Legends, but they were still working on it - 4 women sewing like crazy. But the result is absolutely stunning. It's one of my favourite costumes of all times!

Now it's time to pack and get ready for the last night - we plan to party hard!