Istanbul - Life is good :-)

Walking on Istiklal Caddesi with the sun in your face.... especially when it's cold at home.... how nice!

It's strange but strolling down this big busy street, surrounded by thousands of people has a very relaxing effect on me. And even more when I just ordered a new costume at SIM's for a reasonable price :-)

Yes, today was order day. Two Summer dresses from Servet, a costume from SIM (which will be sent home) and one from Legend Costumes (which she promised to finish by Saturday!) plus two pairs of tango shoes (he says he can make the Jimmy Choo style! Yippie!).

Now I am waiting for my friend Katharina who went to SIM a bit later so that we can go and eat some yummy Turkish food....

By the way, Katharina is planning to meet some friends and give chocolate to EVERYBODY!