Istanbul - Tango fun multiplied

Last evening I waited for Katharina to get home from her tango lesson.... I waited a long time. When she finally arrived it was clear why: she was carrying several bags from different shops... That's what you get from having one of Istanbul's main shopping streets as your way home!

She was quite exhausted and had to take a nap during which I sorted out my own aquisitions, went through my e-mails and prepared my clothes for the night.

In the end we got out after 10 PM. Fortunately we had had a real lunch for a change, so we decided to have some big, fat cakes for dinner.

Then we walked to the Point milonga which took place on the top floor of a nice hotel. Again a great view that few people were looking at ;-).

Katharina had planned to mostly sit and watch - but she actually was asked to dance several times. It's funny to see that she is now where I was 6 years ago: a beginner in her first ever milongas in Istanbul!

For me it was the moment to dance in my brand new shoes. I mostly danced with Özdener, my newfound tango soulmate. He's a pianist in his fifties - and musicians often make good tango dancers because they really feel the music.