Between excitement and trying to get some sleep...

Havin a house guest is a bit like being on vacation - if only one didn't have to go to work inbetween...

Last Thursday I went to the airport to pick up Willow who had arrived from Honolulu.
With 3 suitcases and a big box! It's always interesting to see how much stuff I can put into my small car :)

Since then it's been a mixed program of morning walks, shopping, tango nights, a dance show.... And not enough sleep for both of us!

Backstage at the show

Tango friends

Willow's restaurant gig

For the cultural experience of this visit I took Willow to Augusta Raurica, an Ancient Roman excavation and museum.

Willow is fighting with her jet lag and me with having to get up early after going out at night and trying to catch up with naps during the day.

But it's fun!

After my tango spree in Istanbul I get to have another one here in Zurich. A good occasion to show off ALL my tango shoes :)

This morning I put Willow on the train to Paris - and I will follow on Thursday. Now I have 3 days of work, meetins, dance lessons... and am trying to fit in the packing and practicing my dance for the show on Friday in Paris!

And yes, I want my 7 hours of sleep!