Paris condensed

Wow. What else can I say?
I am on the way back from a short but intense trip to Paris.

Left early on Thuesday morning to arrive at noon and thought for the 100th time that one should go to Paris more often, since it's only a 4,5 direct train ride.

I went to Anasma's place where I met her, Willow and Geneva Bybee (another dancer). I played the tourist guide and took those two to Pigalle and up to Montmartre - both had never been to Paris before, but then they life a little further away...

Later this evening we did something interesting: The three of us taught a workshop together on Tango Oriental fusion. I covered more of the tango side, Willow added the Oriental flavour and Geneva put it all together with a tribal fusion edge. Sounds interesting? It was - and you can book us :-) I think we profited at least as much from each other as the students did.

At night we went to a milonga together. But I was a bit dissapointed. I guess I'm spoiled from getting to dance with many men in Istanbul and Zurich but the Parisians chose to completely ignore me.

I only got one dancer, because Willow had danced with him before and told him to ask me.
Actually most people seemed to only dance with the same partner all night long.
On the other hand I tried teaching Willow's friend Anthony a few steps. But of course it's harder for the guys to start.

On Friday morning my friends did their yoga together while I enjoyed my breakfast and the nice view from the appartment.

I went to Notre Dame with Willow which was not so easy because a lot of shops got into our way... :-) It was kind of strange to see it so clean - all those years before it had been dark grey from the air pollution.

I had to run from there to go to the tech rehearsal for the show on the same night.

After I was through there still was enough time for me to go to Forum les Halles and do some serious cheap shopping. I even found a purple handbag I had been searching for since about a year!
Oh, and the coat I am wearing in this pictures had been bought in Paris the day before.

The show itself took place in an old round wooden theatre with a very nice athmosphere. The funny thing is that I am pretty sure that I had performed in this theatre before - when in was in Zurich!

We did a nicely mixed program with a lot of creative costuming. Since the motto was "Scenes from daily life", Anasma had asked me to dance my famous ironing number.
Here's the video - where you can hear me talk French!
After the show we went back home to Anasma's place which is fortunately quite a big apartment, to have an after party.

Attacking Anthony
Peter and Geneva
Some more dancing

On Sunday I was the first to get up (as usual) and was apparently the only one of us whith enough time and energy to go out and meet Anthony for a late breakfast at Angelina, a very nice old café where the chocolat chaud was so thick that it made me wonder if I should drink it or chew it?

We were not alone!

Then Antony went off to for an afternoon of gaming and I spent a lot of time in the Post museum that had an interesting exhibition on the history of sending messages.

Great shops on the way home

Unfortunately Willow got hold up and we departed for the train station very late.

Geneva drove us there and although she did her best (she is used to the traffic in Rome and drove Italian style) we missed the train. Well, we did get on an other train but now, instead of getting home directly, we hade to change trains 4 times and arrived in Zürich very late....