Honolulu - Climbing up

Yesterday I had a great morning and evening and a rather dull afternoon.
Most excursions and tours start in the morning. So when you have done one thing, there’s nothing left to do in the afternoon... Especially when you don’t want to risk a sunburn by hanging out on the beach too long.

Anyway, in the morning Willow and I walked all the way up on Diamond Head. It’s an ancient crater next to Honolulu. You actually start the hike in the middle of the crater and then walk up to the highest point from where you get a great round view - and a cool breeze which is very appreciated after walking in the heat...

In the evening I went to the Honolulu Academy of Arts for the monthly event of “Art after Dark”. www.honoluluacademy.org/

There was a band and a DJ in the various courtyards if the museum, food and drinks, and you could go and see the exhibitions.

It’s apparently the place to be for the beautiful people of Honolulu, people where very stylish, loads of stilettos and very short skirts :-)
It was an interesting difference to the normally rather casual style of dressing here.

But some prefer to be barefoot after all...

Then I went home, grabbed my costume and we went to the Indigo, a very nice restaurant/club where I danced 2 Bollywood numbers for the “Bhangra Bashment”. As people told me afterwards, I was “awesome” and “on fire” :-)

We hopped around a bit more but finally had to go home because we both had to get up early today.