Istanbul - Basar time

On Tuesday it was time to hit the basars. We walked through the Egyptian basar and then uphill through the streets where goods for non-tourists are sold - everything from pans to bed sheets.

Eventhough I don't buy anything there I always find it fun to watch.

In the Grand Basar we checked out some costume shops and got a load of hip scarves for dance students (it's the number one request I get from fellow dance teachers: "Bring me some hip scarves!").

Then Katharina went to pick up her very expensive but spectacular Bella costume - watch out for our next photo shoot!
But her back was still hurting, causing her also pain in her legs so it was tango only for me again this night.

And it was a very nice milonga with a four piece band in the middle of the dance floor so we could dance around them to live music.
Several dancers I knew were there including the pianist who is one of my favourite dancers.

And there was also a young guy who I had met on Sunday. Apparently I made a big impression on him (he is rather new to tango) and asked me to spend the following afternoon with him. Probably the last time ever that a 20 year old boy finds me hot enough to ask me for a date :-)