Istanbul - Busy Monday

Monday was shopping day - well mostly for Katharina. I only found a few things I liked but Katharina went into a full shopping frenzy.

So we walked around the Nisantasi area hunting for clothes and shoes - and inbetween I took a break for a mani-pedi to relax.

We also went to see a new costume designer called Bellysu - it turned out that it's a joint project of a dancer and a former seamstress of Bella's. Their shop is so new that they only had a hand full of costumes but those looked very nice.

We both needed a nap after all this walking around to be fresh for the evening in Sultanahmet. I went to dance and Katharina spent the evening with a friend at a nicely decorated backroom of his hotel where she met other travellers.

The milonga I went to was at the Armada hotel, really nice, they also serve fruit to all guests.
It was funny to see that there was a totally different crowd - I knew no one of the dancers.