Istanbul - Friday on my mind

Oooh, it's Monday again, but let me go through some of the happenings on my last full day in Istanbul before I forget details....

I had to leave the hotel because it was booked out for the weekend. So I packed my stuff and found out that there wasn't really much space left for more shopping. In fact, nearly none... OK, I could have made SPACE but what about the WEIGHT? Stupid coin hip scarves. Sorry my dear friends I will not bring you any more next time, they are HEAVY! I'd rather have bought more things for my self!

So only went for a little stroll through the shops, basically to buy a clean t-shirt because all I had were smelly... Then I went to the hamam to get clean myself. :-)

After this I went to check out another attraction that a co-worker had told me about: Akmerkez, a gigantic shopping mall. It was a 20 minutes walk from the metro station Levent in the hot sun (but hey, back home it was raining, so I won't complain!)
I basically only walked through and ate some lunch.

Then I decided that a lip stick could still be stuffed into my luggage and headed for the MAC store. Where I made the mistake of asking them to do a full make-up on me for inspiration. Well, stupid me, I didn't ask what it would cost! And let me tell you, it was expensive even by Zurich standards! I had to put on my pokerface when I handed them over my credit card...
At least it was Friday and I got enough chances to show it off - and received a lot of compliments!

First Kemal picked me up from the mall and we passed by his home where I met his mother. She doesn't speak English, so we couldn't really communicate but she still was really sweet.

By the way, Kemal might have a crush on me, but he is literally half my age and I could be his mum... So no danger on my side! But I was just a little worried about meeting his mother, imagining her telling me: "What are you doing with my little boy, you are my age!" Fortunately she had him later in her life and is about 12 years older than me.

Then I had to make my round and pick up my costume and tango shoes. Really happy with all of them!

Asiye and her seamstress making last adjustments on my bra and belt set while Kemal (who was useful for translating) are waiting on the sofa:

I didn't order a skirt, so a piece of fabric had to do for the picture.

Necmi Usta did his magic again! Two new pairs of tango shoes are mine!

In the evening we went to one of the hundreds of rooftop restaurants of Istanbul. Well, the city certainly has a spectacular skyline, so it's very attractive to have a table with a view.
My view consisted of 25 young football players (including Kemal). They celebrated that their university team had won the championship.
OK, it was a bit strange to sit there in the middle of all the guys who mostly only spoke Turkish - but the food was good :-)

We left in the middle of the evening to meet up with some of Kemal's friends and go for my last round of tango dancing.
(Where my expensive make-up earned me compliments like "you look so young tonight" - "your eyes look wonderful"... Thanks MAC!)

But the evening didn't end there (although it was way after midnight). We went back to the cars and headed for an unbelievable traffic jam. There's an area by the Bosphorus where you can find various nightclubs and we were quite stuck there for a while on the way to a restaurant where we went to have a drink and just hang out until after 3 AM.

I stayed over on the guest bed at Kemal's family's place and was so glad to be sleeping in a room that was significantly more quiet than our hotel had been!

In the morning his mum went out of her way to cook more and more breakfast for me until I couldn't eat any more!
I also spent quite some time figuring out the best way to pack my stuff, checking the weight over and over again.
Well, and then it was time to call a cab and go through more heavy traffic to the airport...