Istanbul - Going Asian

One of the things on my wish list for this time was to go over to the Asian side of Istanbul. So on Thursday I took the ferry over to Kadiköy.

First I wandered through the fish and vegetable market and had lunch there. 

Then I wanted to check out Baghdad Street which had been recommended to me as being a great shopping area. So I took a dolmus (mini bus) and it turned out to be quite far from where I had started.

The street itself was kind of a dissapointment. The shops there were mostly the same chain stores you get everywhere. And there's a lot of traffic in the street so even when you see a possibly nice shop on the other side you think twice before you take the hassle to go there.

I grew tired of the area soon and decided to go back. So I let a taxi take me to the harbour to take the vapur (speed boat). There I was told that the next vapur would leave at 5:30 - and it was only 3:00! 

Fortunately there was also a dolmus terminal close by and after a short walk along the shore I could catch one to Taksim square which was a 40 minutes ride. Yes, this place is big!

I was glad to be back on Istiklal street which is a pedestrian area and so much more convenient. And I finally found the black pants I had been looking for - plus two shiny and glittery evening pants. All for 110 YTL (that means: cheap!!!)

Then I met up with Kemal, my tango date, for dinner and playing backgammon in one of the small side streets. That's him with "real" ayran, not the plastic cup kind!

It's one of the things I like about this place: In the evenings many restaurants and bars put out small tables and seats and you can see hundreds of people sitting there, playing backgammon and smoking shisha. And since this is my favourite game, it's the perfect environment for me :-)

Later I went to the hotel to change and pick up my tango shoes and we were ready for the next milonga.
The Thursday milonga at Point hotel is always really nice - it's on the top floor of the hotel and they also have a terrace - where on this night we could dance tango under the full moon...