Istanbul - Goodbye and hello

Wednesday was the last day for Katharina. We went over to Sultanahmet for breakfast and I left her there to go to the airport.

Then I went to search for a jacket that my boyfriend asked me for. He's going through a Seventies phase and wants a Hussar jacket like the one Jimi Hendrix wore. Turns out that it's not someting you find on every corner... no surprise!

After stumbling through some road construction I ended up in the Grand Basar.

I checked out more costume shops and found some nice silk veils.
At Ali Baba's I ran into German dancer Naheda - we people tend to visit the same places!

After getting back to Beyoglu I met up with my new admirer Kemal who took me to the military museum (well I had wanted to see new places in Istanbul, right?).

A stroll through Nisantasi ended up by a visit to the cinema. To fit the theme we watched "Date Night" and got a good laugh out of it.

After I went back to the hotel and changed for the night it was already nearly 10 PM when I finally got some food. I think I am loosing weight here - all that walking around and no proper meals during the day... I basically only eat when I am close to starving!

And then there's the exercise I get out of tango every night as well!

By the way the weather is getting hotter every day and I sweat more at every milonga...