Istanbul - Lazy Sunday and palace park

Sunsay was our lazy day... We nearly missed the breakfast buffet at the hotel because we took our time in the morning. Then we went over to Sultanahmet too meet our friend Silvana.

Together we headed for the Cedikpasa hamam, my favourite, where we spent hours of relaxing, being scrubbed and massaged...

Which was followed by very good food and a visit to the hairdresser to get a good wash and blow dry.
Actually it was mostly a barber shop, but they didn't mind serving women - and we also got our eyebrows and more facial hair threaded.

Katharina was so tired and knocked out by her back pain that she needed a good nap while I went into shopping mode. Yes even on Sunday the shops on Istiklal Caddesi are open until ten...

The milonga at night was of course filled with Greeks - but I also met a nice woman from Vienna with whom I shared a table and some dancers.
 It was in one of those roof top restaurants that have a fantastic view over the city - this one even had a panorama window in the toilet!

PS: As I am reviewing this I notice something weird: I have pictures of us going to the Dolmabahce palace, but I can't figure out on what day!

So I'll just put the pictures in here because there are MANY - we were posing the hell out of that park!

Bollywood style!  

Hello beautiful!

In the crystal pavillon

They even have a crystal piano!

Awesome overload!