Mallorca - Walking, shopping, pool side relaxing... The things you do!

Las Illetas where we are staying is not the cliché party Mallorca place. In fact it's quiet and there really isn't much more to do than hang around dozing the day away...

This morning we had a look at the few shops, then I took a walk down to the beach - along a street that has nothing but hotels and apartment buildings. Everything is nice and well looked after.

Then I went for a mani-pedi after which I had to relax by the pool for some hours...

Towards the evening we went back into Palma. That place is a true shopper's paradise! It has a large historical center with lots of shops in nice buildings, especially some fine examples of art deco architecture.

I stocked up on fans - this is Spain after all and you have a large choice of fans in all colors and price ranges.

We finished the day by eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It's really funny to see how many Chinese restaurants you can find in the Spanish Islands!