Zurich vacation - part 1

Maybe you have heard it say before: "It's so nice here, why go away when we could enjoy a vacation at home?"
That's what I thought too, and so I am on a two weeks Zurich holiday!

About 10 days ago it had still looked as if I would be spending most of my time by and in the lake - but now the weather has cooled down... It's dry during the days but not warm enough to wear a bikini.
Fortunately Zurich has a lot to offer - and one of those things is Tango Week, which is taking place right now!

I had to work on Saturday, so my first free day was on Sunday. I started it with an hour of Nordic walking down by the lake. It was also the day of the Iron Man race and there were a lot of bicyclers riding by (they had already done their 3,8 km of swimming early in the morning).

By 10 AM I met up with a friend for a nice breakfast at the Hiltl restaurant. Then we walked down to the lake where the Iron men and women where still doing their 180 km...

In the afternoon I started my own marathon: 3 milongas in 12 hours!
The first was an open air milonga at the Rote Fabrik where I went with my "neighbour" Katharina. (more Iron Man on the way there, by now they were running and looking pretty exhausted...) .
Dancing tango by the lake is nice!

But that was not enough - in the evening we went to the Falcone milonga. Unfortunately most people seemed to have gone to the tango concert that was happening at the same time. While we were waiting to be asked to dance by one of the few men, we watched two women dance together.
I told Katharina that if I knew how to lead we wouldn't have to sit here, we could dance together! And she had only really had few hours of tango lessons...
So we decided to book one of the beginner courses that were offered during Tango Week!

When I got home I went to sleep for about 1,5 hours because there was an "after hours" milonga which started at 2 AM. I got there by 2:30 and found one of my favourite dancers, so I stayed for two hours. We danced and chatted a little.
Got into bed by about 5 AM...